Application Process

Greysun centrifuge actively works within the following industries/ applications. Our expertise does not stop here, it is our goal to assist you with all of your solid/ liquid separation needs.

Initially the journey begins with your influent streams visit to our state of the art laboratory. It is here we are able to acclimate ourselves with the finite details of your stream. This data allows us to identify the specific equipment necessary for your process. Call Greysun Centrifuge to schedule a consult with a lab technician.

- Solvent Extraction
- Rendering
- Dredging
- Oil & Gas
- Distilleries
- Breweries
- Wastewater Dewatering
- DAF dewatering
- Hydrovac and Hydroexcavation
- Drilling Mud
- Petrochemical
- Environmental
- Mining
- Pulp and Paper
- Coal Mine Tailings
- Tunneling
- Mining
- And More